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Rambler's Top100

    It's Late

    You say you love me
    And I hardly know your name
    And If I say I love you in candle light
    There's no one but my self to blame
    But there's something inside
    That's turning my mind away
    Oh how I could let you stay

    It's late – and I feeling deep inside
    It's late – is it just my sickly pride
    Too late – even now the feeling seems to slip away
    So late – though I'm crying I can help but hear you say
    It's late
    It's late
    It's late
    But not too late

    The way you love me
    Is the sweetest love around
    But after all this time
    The more I'm trying
    The more I seem to let you down
    Now you tell me you're leaving
    And I just can't believe it's true
    Oh you know that I can love you
    Though you know I can't be true
    Oh you made me love you
    Don't tell me that we're through

    It's late – and it's driving me so mad
    It's late – but don't try to tell me it's
    Too late – save our love you can't turn out the light
    So late – I've been wrong but I'll learn to be right
    It's late
    But not too late
    – I've been so long
    – You've been so long
    – We've been so long tryin' to work it out
    – I ain't got long
    – you ain't got long
    – We gotta know what this life's all about

    You're string at me
    With suspicions in your eye
    You say what game are you playing?
    What's this that you're saying?
    I know that I can give no reply
    If I take you tonight
    Is it make my life a lie
    Oh you make me wonder
    Did I live my life all right

    It's late – but it's time to set me free
    It's late – but there's no way it has to be
    Too late – so let the fire take our bodies this night
    So late – so let the waters take our guilt in the tide
    It's late
    It's late
    It's late
    It's late




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