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Tie Your Mother Down

Get your party gown
Get your pigtail down
Get your heart beatin' baby
Got my timin' right
Got my act all tight
It's gotta be tonight my little

Your mamma says you don't
And your daddy says you won't
And I'm boilin' up inside
Ain't no way I'm gonna lose out this time

Tie your mother down
Tie your mother down
Lock your daddy out of doors
I don't need him nosin' around
Tie your mother down
Tie your mother down
Give me all your love tonight

You're such a dirty louse
Go get outta my house
That's all I ever got from your
Family ties, in fact I don't think I ever heard
A single little civil word from those guys
But you know I don't give a light
I'm gonna make out all right
I've got a sweet heart band
To put a stop to all that
Grousin' an' shipin'

Tie your mother down –
Tie your mother down –
Take your little brother swimmin'
Tie your mother down,
Tie your mother down
Or you ain't no friend of mine

Your mamma and your Daddy gonna
Plague me till I die
Why can't the understand I'm just a
Peace lovin' guy
Tie your mother down