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A Winter`s Tale
A WINTER'S TALE (Queen) Db F# It's winter-fall Ebm Red skies are gleaming - oh - Abm Sea gulls are flying over Abm/G Swans are floatin' by H Smoking chimney-tops F#m Am I dreaming A Db Am I dreaming ...? Db F# The nights draw in Ebm There's silky moon up in the sky - yeah - Abm Children are fantisising Abm/G Grown-ups are standin' by F#m What a super feeling A Am I dreaming H Am I dreaming ...? woh-woh-woh-woh E (draming) So quiet and peaceful Dbm Tranquil and blissful H There's a kind of magic in the air F# What a truly magnificent view Bbm A breathtaking scene H With the dreams of the world Abm Db F# In the palm of your hand E+-------------------6------6-7-9-----7-6-7-----6------------------------------- ----------------------7--9---11-I B+--9-7----6-7--------9----------------------9--7--9-------------------7-7------ ------5-7-9-4--------7--7--7----I G+-6------------8--------------------------------------8-8-----------8----6-6--- ----8--------------8----------I D+---------------------------------------------------------------9-9------------ -----------------9-----------I A+------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------I E+------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------I (draming) A cosy fireside chat A little this, a little that Sound of merry laughter skippin' by Gentle rain beatin' on my face What an extraordinary place! H And the dream of the child Eb E Eb Is the hope of the man Eb Ab It's all so beautiful Fm Like a landscape painting in the sky - yeah - Bbm Mountains are zoomin' higher - mm - Bbm7/A Little girls scream an' cry Ab My world is spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin' Ebm It's unbelievable H Sends me reeling Abm Am I dreaming... H Eb Am I dreaming...? F# Oooh - it' a bliss.