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    Dear Friends1 Тип: аккорды

    So dear friends
    G A D
    Your love has gone
    D A E7 A
    Only tears to dwell upon
    D Dmaj7 G/B
    I dare not say
    D/A G Dmaj7 Em7
    As the wind must blow
    Dsus4 D
    So a love is lost
    Asus4 A
    A love is won
    D G A D
    Go to sleep and dream again
    Soon your hopes
    A E7 A
    Will rise and then
    A Dmaj7 G/B
    From all this gloom
    D/A G Dmaj7 E7
    Life can start a - new
    A7 G G/F# G/E D
    And there'll be no crying soon




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