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    Leaving Home Aint Easy
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    Queen: Leaving home ain't easy

    A: 577655 Dm/A: x03230 A7sus: 575755 D: x57775 E VII.: x7999x
    Em7: 020030 F7: 131211

    < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < <
    |-2---4---7---7\6----2---4---3---5\3---5/7---9\7-----9-| < : fade in
    |-1---3---9---9\7----1---3---5---7\5---7/9--11\9----11-| > : fade out
    acc. gtr. 1:
    rythm for these chords: * **

    Em7 A Em7 A Em7 A C#m
    I take a step outside and I breathe the air And I slam the door and I'm on
    my way
    Bm E Bm E Bm E
    I won't lay no blame I won't call you names 'Cause I've made my break
    C# F#m x4343x F#m xx0630 xx0230 G
    And I won't look back I've turned my back to those endless games.

    The second verse is the same except :
    Bm7 E Bm E Bm
    Shaking dust from my shoes There's a road ahead And there's no way back
    D E
    home (No way) But I have to say

    A V. A7sus D V. x7999x x79797/slide down
    Leavin' home ain't easy (Oh I never thought it would be easy)
    Leavin' all you own (Oh there's a million things calling me back)
    A V. A7sus D V. F# Bm F7 A E7 A Dm9 A
    Leavin' home ain't ea sy ( On the one you're leaving home)

    The rest is the same, except for the last but one time the chorus is played:
    A V. A7sus D V. F# Bm F7
    Leavin home ain't ne ce ssa ry Leave the on ly way




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