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Who Wants To Live Forever
Who Wants To Live Forever Words and music: Brian May Aadd9 x02200 Em7/D xx0000 Em6/C# x42000 G/H x20003 Dsus4 xx0233 Gmaj7/H x20002 D11 xx0032 Dadd9 xx0230 Cmaj7/H x22010 D/F# 200232 B/D xx0331 There.s no [Aadd9]time for us, There.s no [Em]place for us. [Em7/D] [Em6/C#] What is this [G/H]thing that builds our [A7]dreams Yet slips a[Dsus4]way from us. [D] Who [C]wants to [G/H]live for[Am]ever? Who [C]wants to [Gmaj7/H]live for[Am7]ever? [D11] O-oh [Dadd9] There.s no [Aadd9]chance for us, It.s all de[Em]cided for us. [Em7/D] [Em6/C#] This world has [G/H]only one sweet [A7]moment Set a[Dsus4]side for us. Who [C]wants to [G/H]live for[Am]ever? Who [C]wants to [Cmaj7/H]live for[A7]ever? [D11]Ooh[C] [G/H] [Am] Who [C]dares to [G/H]love for[Am]ever? [Dsus4]Oh,[D] ooh, when love must [Em]die. But touch my [Em]tears with your [C]lips, Touch my [Em]world with your finger[C]tips. And [G]we can [D/F#]have for[Em]ever, And [G]we can [D/F#]love for[Em]ever. [Em7/D]Fo[Em6/C#]rever[A7] is [Dadd9]our today. [B/D] Who [G]wants to [D/F#]live for[Em]ever? Who [G]wants to [D/F#]live for[Em]ever? [Em7/D]Fo[Em6/C#]rever[A7] is [D11]our today. [B/D] Who [Em]waits forever anyway?